Water Rebates

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  3. W-9 FORM

A total of $250,000 was included in this year's budget for water conservation programs. These dollars come from the City’s Impost Fee Fund.  It is important to note that this funding is not from the General Fund.  The impost funds cannot be used for other general fund purposes.  The impost fees can only be used for water projects and programs that are permitted by the City’s master contract with the Bureau of Reclamation.                                        

Turf Rebate Program

Reduce their landscape water use by replacing their water thirsty grass with landscape materials that are appropriate for our desert climate.  If you currently have a landscape consisting of grass, converting it into an attractive low-water using landscape is one of the best ways to conserve water and energy, save money on your water bill, and create a landscape that is much easier to maintain.

Other Rebate Program

In addition to the Turf Rebate Program, the City is now offering rebates for the items listed below.  To qualify purchases must be made after July 1st and may be allowed up to June 30th depending on availability of funding.  

Other Items:

  1. Smart Irrigation Controller: $175
  2. High Efficiency Toilet: $50
  3. High Efficiency Washing Machine: $150

Why a W-9 Form?

Your rebate may be considered taxable income regardless of the amount of the rebate. Current law requires the city to issue form 1099 to applicants who receive rebate payments of $600 or more.    For more information on whether your rebate check will be considered taxable income, please contact a qualified tax professional (a number of governmental entities are urging congress to adopt amendments to the tax code which would no longer treat rebates as income).


For more information please contact:

Anthony Kozlowski

(928) 763-0122


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