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Water & Energy Resources

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Our Mission

Assist elected and appointed officials in managing our limited water and energy resources and to help Bullhead City residents conserve those resources.

Water Contracts

The Water Resources Division administers the City’s contracts with the Bureau of Reclamation, EPCOR Water Company, Utilities, Inc. and Mohave County and oversees implementation of the City's Water Conservation Plan, as well as the myriad of city codes associated with the Plan. 

Water Resources Advisory Committee

Make recommendations to the City Council regarding water related issues; including, but not limited to the acquisition of reliable water supply for the present and future, and review and comment on ordinances and policy matters affecting the planning and distribution of water.

(MCWA) Mohave County Water Authority

The Mohave County Water Authority (MCWA) was formed in 1995 by public 4 entities that had a 4th, 5th or 6th priority mainstream Colorado River contract with the Department of Interior for municipal and industrial use and consisted of all “Lunch Bunch” members with the exception of Colorado City. Mohave County was added as a member during the legislative lobbying process though it does not have a Colorado River contract.  


Other Water Resource Information:

Arizona Department of Water Resources
Arizona Water Banking Authority
Bureau of Reclamation-Lower Colorado Regional Office