Flood Control

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The Engineering Division is accountable for the administration and determination of the City's flood hazards and floodplains. They are committed to administration and oversight of the City’s local floodplains and drainage corridors.  If you observe or experience flooding, please contact them immediately or report it  online using our BULLHEAD CITY DIRECT system.

Floodplain determinations, warning systems, projects and flooding issues can be very difficult to understand. You may want to consider reaching out to a member of the Bullhead City Engineering Division to help you understand better. They can be reached by calling (928) 763-0128, by fax at (928) 763-0131.

Flood Hazards in Bullhead City
Recent City Flood Hazard Identification
Water Levels and Precipitation Monitoring
Flood Hazard Mitigation Projects
What To Do If You Get Flooded