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       The Housing Division is located at 2355 Trane
       Road, Bullhead City, AZ. 86442 and can be
       reached be calling (928)763-0197.
       Faxes can be sent to (928)763-0131




 The City of Bullhead City Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation program is designed to assist qualified very low, low, and moderate income families that reside in Bullhead City outside of a floodplain. The goal of the assistance is to upgrade living conditions that are decent, safe, sanitary, and affordable by making home improvements that would preserve and improve the quality, appearance, and long-term life of Bullhead City’s existing owner-occupied housing stock.

The Housing Rehab program applies for federal and state grants to fund the program. Staff provides technical assistance and counseling services to eligible families relating to ownership responsibilities, budgeting for property taxes and insurance, property maintenance, and energy conservation. The Division also works with home owners to address code enforcement matters in conjunction with providing rehabilitation services. This two pronged approach helps to educate the home owner, as well as remove health and environmental hazards while promoting cleanliness and pride of ownership. Staff will also provide referrals to various agencies that offer assistance with housing, medical, financial hardship, legal aid, and related services.

Since beginning the Housing Rehabilitation Program in Bullhead City, the Program has assisted over 750 home owners with on-lot sewer hook-ups and almost 40 home owners with water conservation improvements. As of January 2013, minor repairs have been made to 311 homes and major repairs were made to 43 homes. In the early days of the Program, 40 mobile homes were replaced with 17 new manufactured homes and 23 site built homes.

Interested homeowners can submit an application to the Housing Rehab Program. There are two basic elements that determine an applicant's eligibility for the housing rehab program: (1) the Family in terms of income and ownership; and (2) the Property in terms of feasibility for rehabilitation. Eligibility requirements are more fully defined in the City's Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Guidelines.

Applicants are placed on a waiting list based on the date and time their application is received. The waiting time is based on funding availability and the type of repairs needed for each home. Once funding is available for the applicant, City staff will perform a property inspection, assess the condition of the home, review the proposed repairs with the homeowner, and determine the specific amount of funding necessary.  Next, the project will be put out to bid and upon receipt of the bids, the lowest qualified bidder will be selected to perform the work.