Other Fees

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When purchasing a property in the City of Bullhead, a deposit fee to begin sewer service is required. The fee is collected and processed by your title company during escrow.

The amount of the sewer deposit is $90 for residential customers. If the account holder maintains a year with no delinquencies, the City will refund the amount deposited to the property owner. Please contact us at (928) 763-0166 if you have any questions regarding the deposit process or any services provided by the City.


Other Fees

Sewer Application/Re-Application Fees



  Service Deposit Residential   $90.00

Sewer Fees for Single Family Dwellings / General Businesses




Sewer Fees for Multi-Family per Units / Specialty Businesses



Returned Check Fee




Delinquent Account Collection Charges:

  • Late Penalty
  • Water Shut-Off Admin Fee
  • Water Re-Connection Fee
  • Transfer Account Fee
  • Sewer Tap Fee



*When water utility services are discontinued for non-payment, the total bill plus all delinquent fees must be paid in full before service can be restored.