Special Assessment Auction

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Properties showing a delinquent installment may be subject to public auction if not brought current. Please contact a member of our Finance Customer Service Team at 928-763-0166 for more information on delinquent payments.

The State Improvement District Law permits no discretionary authority to extend time for payments or to waive penalties and costs.

As trustee for improvement districts, the City is responsible for collecting the assessments levied against the owners of property within the improvement districts, and for disbursing these amounts to retire the WIFA Loans issued to finance the improvements.

These loans are secured by a lien on the property and improvements of all parcels within each district. In the event of default by the property owner, the City may enforce auction sale to satisfy the debt service requirements of the improvement loans. The Arizona Revised Statutes, which govern these types of taxing districts, provides additional information on their website. Reference Chapter 4 of Title 48, which can be found here.

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