Planning and Zoning

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The Bullhead City Planning and Zoning Division is committed to building a better Bullhead City.

Our mission is to assist elected and appointed officials in planning for future use development in harmony with the community values, facilitate community involvement in the decision making process and to also administer adopted regulations and guidelines in a fair and consistent manner. 

Planners consult with architects, developers, and engineers relative to all aspects of land use planning and construction in order to provide guidance for the City’s future physical growth. The Department renders technical assistance serving as the staff liaison for the Board of Adjustment, City Council, Planning and Zoning, as well as a variety of other development related committees. 

The Division oversees implementation of the Bullhead City General Plan and its amendments thereto, and administration of the subdivision and zoning regulations. Staff updates and amends codes and regulations, prepares and coordinates special reports as needed, processes requests for rezoning, subdivisions, conditional use permits, and variances. They review commercial  permit submitals for zoning compliance and issue permits for signs. The also provide legal descriptions, setbacks, and zoning information. 

In addition, the Planning and Zoning Staff manages projects as needed, researches special projects, provides a liaison with other governmental agencies and administers matters relative to public land use.  Occasionally, the Division applies for grants and oversees the resulting project. 

The Planning and Zoning Division office is located in City Hall at 2355 Trane Rd., Bullhead City, AZ  86442.  Staff can be reached by calling 928-763-0123.  Faxes can be sent to 928-763-0131.