Veterans Treatment Court

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Mr. Tracy Read, Veterans Treatment Court Clerk

928-763-0130 ext. 777

Veterans Treatment Court sessions are held on the first and third Monday of each month.

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What is Veterans Treatment Court?

Veterans Treatment Court, VTC, is a problem- solving court that is structured to serve Veterans who become involved with the criminal justice system within the jurisdiction of the Bullhead City Municipal Court. VTC offers alternatives to incarceration and other consequences that may come with a misdemeanor conviction. VTC promotes sobriety, recovery and stability through a coordinated response that involves cooperation and collaboration with the City Prosecutor, County Attorney, Defense Counsel, the Veterans Administration and local mental health organizations to give each Veteran the opportunity to be a productive, healthy citizen. Referrals for assistance are made to the Veterans Resource team to connect Veterans to various community agencies.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility is evaluated by the Veterans Court team on a case-by-case basis. General requirements include:
• Serving or have served in the military.
• Served in either Marine Corps, Army, Navy Airforce, Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserves. Combat or Non-Combat.
• Active Duty, Reserves or National Guard

What is the Veterans Court Process?

Individuals with military service will be identified by the Judge at the Court Arraignment and will be referred to screening to determine eligibility. VTC is a four-phase, structured approach with the first phase focusing on stabilization, orientation and engagement, and the last focusing on independence and aftercare.
Active participation in the program and treatment are required for the Veteran to complete the program. Each phase includes treatment and recovery goals with therapeutic interventions and rehabilitative directives to be completed to move forward into the next phase. Justice Involved Veterans complete phases at different paces and not every requirement applies to every Veteran.

Completion of Program

Graduations are held throughout the year. Once all requirements have been satisfied, including treatment, community restitution, mentor support services and remaining substance free, the Veteran can apply to graduate from the program. At graduation, the case(s) can be either dismissed, charges reduced and/or fines suspended.

Program Benefits

Veterans Treatment Court, VTC, is a VOLUNTARY program. If the Justice Involved Veteran successfully completes the program, graduation may result in:
✓ Possible case dismissal.
✓ Possible sentence reduction.
✓ Possible charge reduction.
✓ Connection to treatment for core issues.
✓ Connection to Veteran benefits and services.
✓ Connection to community.
✓ A sober and productive lifestyle.
✓ Belonging to the VTC family.

Veterans Treatment Court Goals

Veterans Treatment Court is structured to promote sobriety, reduce future arrests, connect veterans to treatment, peer support services, employment, education, benefits and stable housing. The goal is to assist with barriers to help veterans in the community to become more productive and responsible, regardless of the length of service or discharge status. Each participant is provided with judicially-supervised treatment program utilizing various methods and treatment options to address addiction and mental health concerns.