City Street Maintenance Program 18/19 (CSMP 18/19)

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Fiscal Year 2018/2019


CSMP 18/19 outlines a list of roads that comprise 20% of the City’s total road infrastructure to be treated this fiscal year, July 2018-June 2019, with either a slurry seal or microsurface treatment. The City plans to operate the slurry machine, resurfacing a few streets every week, for as long as the weather and other conditions permit. The city asks all residents that will be affected by the maintenance to check this page frequently for updates on the progress of CSMP 18/19.

Read the CSMP methodology page for more information about the CSMP.

Read the CSMP 18-19 document for a list of all of the streets slated to receive treatment.

Read our Slurry Frequently Asked Questions for answers to commonly asked questions about the slurry seal treatment.

If you have unanswered questions about CSMP 18/19, send an email to

If you need to discuss an urgent matter related to CSMP 18/19, call (928)234-8752.



The posted schedules for CSMP 18/19 are rough estimates only. There are a number of variables including weather conditions and equipment failure that can cause unexpected delays or changes in the schedule. The most up to date information will always be posted in this section of this page.

Update: the Neighborhood Street Improvement Program has been renamed to the City Street Maintenance Program. CSMP 18/19 will begin the week of September 10th. 

Update: Maintenance scheduled for Thursday September 27th has changed as outlined below

Update 10/1/18: Maintenance on Santa Rosa Pl from Mercer Rd to the end of pavement has been rescheduled due to an equipment breakdown.

Update 11/20: Maintenance scheduled for Park Ridge Ave and Ridge View Ave on 11/20 will be rescheduled

Update 12/7: Maintenance scheduled for 12/7/18 has been cancelled due to weather and will be rescheduled

Update 12/11: Maintenance scheduled for 12/14 has been cancelled and will be rescheduled


This Week's Scheduled Maintenance

The City of Bullhead City Public Works Department will begin slurry seal/micro surface treatment on the following streets as a part of the City Street Maintenance Program): 

Monday December 10th

  • Ridge View Ave from Pegassus Ranch Rd to Park View Dr
  • Bullhead Parkway (Outside North Bound Lane) at the intersection of Locust Blvd
  •  Bullhead Parkway (Outside North Bound Lane) at the intersection of Desert Foothills Blvd

Tuesday December 11th

  • Airpark Dr (outside lanes) from Laughlin View Dr to L&M Driveway
  • Laughlin View Dr from Airpark Dr to end of sidewalk
  • Bullhead Parkway (outside northbound lane) at Desert foothills blvd intersection
  • McCormick Blvd (eastbound lanes) from Mercer Rd to the end of pavement
  • McCormick Blvd (westbound lanes) from the end of pavement to driveways

Wednesday December 12th

  • Airpark Dr (inside lanes) from Laughlin View Dr to L&M Driveway
  • McCormick Blvd (westbound lanes) from driveways to mercer rd

Thursday December 13th

  • Nothing scheduled

Friday December 14th - CANCELLED 12/11/18

  • Avenida Ventura Dr from Silver Creek Rd to Avenida Grande
  • Colbri Ct from Avenida Ventura to the end of pavement
  • Mercado Ct from Avenida Ventura to the end of pavement
  • Paloma Senada Dr from Avenida Ventura to the end of pavement


The scheduled days are a target, and a number of factors can put city crews either ahead or behind schedule. Anyone who will be affected by this maintenance is highly encouraged to check the City’s website frequently at for the most up to date information. Anyone with concerns, comments, or questions about CSMP should send an email to Anyone with an urgent matter relating to CSMP should call (928)234-8752.


Next Week's Scheduled Maintenance

SUBJECT TO CHANGE: Preliminary schedules for the upcoming week of Maintenance are typically formed the Wednesday before work is to begin. A more firm schedule is released the Friday before work is scheduled to begin. All schedules are targets that may or may not be met depending on factors such as weather and equipment failure.

Monday December 17th

  • Ironwood Dr from Landon Dr to the end of pavement
  • Ironwood Dr Cul de Sac from Ironwood Dr to the end of pavement

Tuesday December 18th

  • Paseo Grande from Silver Creek Rd to Avenida Grande
  • Valley Vista Dr from Calle De Mercado to Avenida Grande

Wednesday December 19th

  • Coronado Vista from Silver Creed Rd to Calle De Mercado 
  • Pacito Ln from Calle Gaviota to Paseo Grande
  • Calle Gaviota from Paseo Grande to the end of pavement

Thursday December 20th

  • Plata Caleta (southbound lanes) from Silver Creed Rd to Plata Caleta
  • Calle Gaviota from Plata Caleta to the end of Pavement


Map of CSMP 18/19


 Read the full list of streets slated to be a part of CSMP on the  Read the full list of streets scheduled for maintenance in CSMP 18-19.