Criminal Investigations

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The Bureau of Criminal Investigations consists of the General Investigations Section, the Property Crime Unit, the Vice Narcotics Section, the Forensics Section, a Gang Interdiction Officer and Terrorism Liaison Officer.

The General Investigations Section is tasked with investigating crimes such as homicides, sexual offenses and crimes against children, property crimes, fraud and assault.

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The Vice Narcotics Section works closely with other agencies and task forces (Mohave Area General Narcotic Enforcement Team - MAGNET) to investigate the illegal use and distribution of illicit drugs.

To submit a narcotics tip, email:

The Forensic Section is in charge of processing the evidence collected at crime scenes. The Forensic Section responds to major crime incidents to document and collect evidence.   


The Gang Interdiction Officer is assigned to a state gang task force. 
This unit focuses on gang activity and the gathering of gang intelligence.

The Property Crime Unit is tasked with assuring local pawn shops and second hand dealers are in compliance with City and State ordinances. They monitor transactions to ensure dealer compliance and to identify stolen items with the goal of reuniting property to its rightful owners.  The Property Crime Unit works with the local pawn shops and secondhand dealers to try and match items with reported stolen property from burglary and theft investigations.
It’s important to write down all serial numbers, note identifying information and take photographs of your property. This will aid detectives in recovering your property if it is every stolen, plus puts a criminal behind bars. report it
The Property Crime Unit recovers thousands of dollars worth of stolen property each year, but can only return items to its owner if they’ve provided police with a good description, serial number or have a suspect.
The Investigative Assistants with the Property Crime Unit regularly check pawn shop transactions through the online program, Leads Online.
Leads Online offers a free, secure online service called "Report It". This allows citizens to record serial numbers and upload images of jewelry, electronics, and other valuables. Should those items ever be stolen, investigators can accurately and quickly identify your property.
This record may also come in handy when filing claims with insurance providers in the event of loss. Citizens wanting to participate in "Report It" can register for the free service at and begin building their personal property inventory list.