General Questions and Answers

Would approval of Proposition 415 enact a new tax or assessment?
Would the bonds cover only the purchase price and not the operation of the water utility?
Are there city residents who have the right to vote on the ballot measure who are not EPCOR customers?
Would I see improvements in water quality?
Does Bullhead City have the knowledge and expertise to run a water utility?
How much will it cost Bullhead City to acquire EPCOR’s water system?
How would water rates be set?
Why hasn’t the City just purchased the water system?
What does the court process involve and can EPCOR stop the City from acquiring the system?
Did the Arizona Corporation Commission order EPCOR to file a rate case without any request by EPCOR?
Why is Bullhead City considering purchasing the water system from EPCOR?
Did Bullhead City hire a company to research and evaluate EPCOR’s water system?
Did the City investigate the current condition of the water system?
What’s the difference between a privately and publicly owned water utility?
What is the process for the City to take over the water system?
Why does Proposition 415 request a bond in the amount of $130 million?
During a recent forum by EPCOR it talked about eminent domain cases in which the value ended up being more than the condemning authority’s consultants had estimated. Could that happen here?
EPCOR has stated that city acquisition of EPCOR is “BIG GOVERNMENT overreach.” Is this statement accurate?
A forum by EPCOR talked about how depreciated equipment is replaced and that replacement cost is rolled into water rates. How does that differ as to how the city might deal with depreciated equipment.
The ballot language in Proposition 415 includes authority for the City to acquire EPCOR but also “any other privately owned water utility, in and around City corporate limits.” What does that mean?

 July 16, 2019 - Regular City Council Meeting