Property and Evidence

The Police Department lobby has temporarily closed. For the release of property or 30-day vehicle impound release, please call (928) 763-9200 and ask for Property and Evidence to make an appointment. 

Please follow the listed guidelines below for ease in obtaining your property:

  • Please call (928) 763-9200 and ask for “Property and Evidence” to make an appointment. Be sure you have your case/log number handy.
  • Bring photo identification.
  • Property can only be released to the owner. However, items may be released to someone other than the owner with a notarized letter from the owner.
  • Release of firearms requires a background investigation.
  • Fill out and bring this Weapons Release Request form with you.

PLEASE NOTE: Property being held as evidence in an open investigation cannot be released by Property and Evidence custodians. Please contact the case officer.

Non-contraband evidence items may be released 100 business days from the sentencing date.

30 Day Vehicle Impounds

If your vehicle was impounded by the Bullhead City Police Department for a 30 day impoundment, please read the information the officer gave you at the time of impoundment for instructions. If your vehicle was impounded by another law enforcement agency, you must contact that department directly for assistance in obtaining the release of your vehicle. If your vehicle was impounded as evidence, these procedures DO NOT apply. Please contact the Bullhead City Police Department Property and Evidence Unit at (928) 763-9200 for more information on a vehicle impounded as evidence. 

What you should know about the 30 Day Vehicle Impound procedure

  • In most cases you must wait 30 days before your vehicle can be released.
  • You can ONLY arrange to have your vehicle released by contacting the Bullhead City Police Department. The towing company CANNOT release the vehicle back to you without permission from the police department.
  • In some cases you may be able to get your vehicle back before the end of the 30 days, but you will still have to pay all fees and charges.

How do I get my vehicle back?
What if someone other than the owner was driving the vehicle when it was impounded?
What if I own the vehicle, but have not yet transferred the title into my name? Can I still get the car back?
If I am found "not guilty" on my criminal or traffic charges, will that affect the impound of my vehicle?
Who can have the vehicle returned?
Is a hearing process available for an early release on my vehicle?