The Colorado River Nature Center (CRNC) is a 500-acre facility located within the city limits of Bullhead City, AZ.  This property is part of a Cooperative Management Agreement between the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD), Bullhead City (City), and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). 

The CRNC is intended to provide a natural environment for low impact recreation uses. The CRNC include recreational amenities such as beach access to the Colorado River, a trail system, interpretive signage, shade ramadas, benches, viewing decks, and boardwalks for the public’s enjoyment. 

Rio Lomas beach which is located on the CRNC is used heavily in the summer months for cooling off in the high desert temperatures.  Hiking and fishing are other popular activities.

Recreational Opportunities – Day Use Only

Camping: Overnight public camping is prohibited.

Fishing: Open to all fishing as permitted under R12-4-207 and R12-4-301.

Hunting: Closed to all hunting and discharging of firearms.

Hiking: Various hiking trails exist on the Nature Center.  Two main kiosk parking areas are located next to the main entrance road with over eight hiking trails to choose from.  The parking lot has a paved educational trail that goes around the backwater ponds at the Nature Center.  This paved trail has educational signs describing the local wildlife, sitting benches for casual strolls, and a covered picnic ramada with picnic tables for family outings.


  • Watch for venomous snakes along the trails; the area is well known for having diamondback rattlesnakes seeking shade under shrubs and in vegetation during the hot summer months. Keep dogs on a leash for their own protection.
  • Temperatures vary from 20°F in December and January, to 118°F in June through August. Summer minimums are between 60-80°F. Winter maximums are in the mid-60s.


Directions: Take Route 95 south out of Bullhead City about seven miles, then turn west on Richardo Avenue and it leads directly into the Nature Center. 


I hope this answer all question about CRNC, if not please visit CRNC page on AZ Game & Fish