WACOG Coordinated Council

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The WACOG Coordinated Council is comprised of regional Public Transit providers, Non-Profit Human Service organizations, and community members who work with the local Mobility Management program.  The Coordinated Council intends to be an innovative regional approach in managing transportation resources in a coordinated service network, to increase mobility options and access of services for everyone with a focus on the core populations served by the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) section 5310 program.

The FTA Section 5310 program, Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities, is designed to meet the mobility needs of these populations as it is recognized that these populations’ transportation needs often are not met by conventional automobile or traditional Public Transportation as they sometimes require specialized assistance to access services.  The goal of the WACOG Coordinated Council is a cooperative approach between regional transit service providers and their communities resulting in more options to better meet the needs of all residents including seniors and individuals with disabilities.

La Paz and Mohave Counties encompass 18,100 square miles of rural western Arizona.  Many of the very rural areas have little or no transportation services, which includes all six of our tribal reservations. 

Through a coordinated effort, Mobility Management and the Coordinated Council in the WACOG region seek to:

  • Address movement of seniors and persons with disabilities.
  • Improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of the travel services being delivered for all.
  • Designs and promotes transit-oriented development, livable and sustainable communities.
  • Collect and distribute information for available resources within the region.
  • Identify and attempt to address gaps in service.


For more information about WACOG, the mobility management program, and the Coordinated Council can be found here: