General Tax Information

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Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax:

The City of Bullhead City imposes a general tax rate of 2.0 percent, and Transient Lodging 3.0 percent. Privilege tax is imposed on the seller for the privilege of doing business in Bullhead City.  Privilege tax that is not dedicated will go to the General Fund which may be expended for any municipal purpose. In general, they are used to finance the cost of City services, including but not limited to, police, emergency services, parks, recreation, and animal care.

Use Tax:

The City of Bullhead City's Use tax rate is 2.0 percent. Use tax is imposed on the purchaser for using, consuming or storing tangible personal property within the city limits that was purchased without paying City sales tax. The use tax provides an indirect benefit to Bullhead City retailers by removing the incentive for customers to shop outside the city in order to avoid paying City tax.

Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT):

In addition to the 2.0% privilege tax on rental of real property, there is a 3.0% transient lodging tax on any hotel, motel, apartment, or individual charging for lodging space to any person for 30 days or less.

Taxable Activities and Tax Rates