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2018 Manhole Rehabilitation Program

Project # 17-E-015

Project Description:  The Project consists of the surface preparation and installation of corrosion resistant coating to manhole walls and bases for protection of 14 existing sanitary sewer manholes plus one additional manhole base only, and the removal and replacement of the concrete collars, frames, covers, and manhole riser rings on 14 existing sanitary sewer manholes and other work as necessary for the completion of the project in accordance with the Project Specifications. Coatings shall be from the list provided in this specification. An alternative to the protective manhole coating system is the installation of a structural resin aggregate manhole insert system.  Flow through tubes (or other approved method) will be required at all manholes to repair and coat all manhole benches and channels within this project. The manholes are in various locations throughout the city. 

Engineer's Estimate: $116,000

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