Utility Forms

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Automatic Payment Deduction Form
The City offers the ability to have your utility bill(s) automatically deducted from a checking account. It is easy, and it saves you time and money. There is no longer a need to write a check and send it to the City. You will still receive your regular monthly utility bill indicating the amount to be drafted from your bank account. Bank-draft dates vary, but generally coincide with the due date of your bill. Applying for automatic payment deduction will discount your monthly bill by $1.00.  

Early Payment Application
The City allows for utility holders to pay their sewer bills in a lump sum rather than individually each month. In doing so, you would be eligible for a discount depending on how far in advance you would like to pay. Paying the entire year in advance will allow for a discount of $18.00 total, paying six months in advance will give you a discount of $9.00 off your total amount owed. Payments received without a complete application attached will not receive the discount.

E-Bill Application
If you would like to stop receiving a paper sewer bill in the mail, the City offers their customers the alternative to sign up for e-Billing. Instead of a bill being mailed to you, you would receive an e-mail from the City stating that your bill is available. You will receive a .50 cent discount should you sign up for this program.

Mailing Address Change Form
If you would like to change the address to which your bill is mailed, you must fill out the above form.

Tenant Agreement Form
If you own a property that is being leased/rented to a tenant and would like the tenant to receive the sewer bill, fill out the form above.

Discounts can be compounded when selecting more than one discount program. For example, you can be signed up for both the e-Bill and the automatic payment deduction, which would give you a discount of $1.50 per month on your sewer bill. For any other discount questions, please call customer service at (928) 763-0166.